The saxophone is such a versatile instrument and is one of the easier instruments to learn.

The saxophone is such a versatile instrument and comes in many different sizes. If you are undecided on what size to get, I recommend to make your choice from the sound. The tone of your instrument is your voice and that is the main thing. Size is also a consideration if you are young or small in stature.

My teaching focuses on what YOU want to achieve. To keep your passion alive, you need to play the music that excites you. Let’s select what genre of music you like and steer your lessons towards playing your favourite songs or styles.

My skill level is…


I’m brand new and don’t know anything.

I’ve just bought a sax and I need help getting started.

  • Assembling your instrument
  • How to hold it correctly
  • Producing your first note
  • Learning the first five notes
  • Learning to read music


I’ve played for a few years and I’m looking for a new teacher.

I can play but I would like to advance my musical skills and knowledge the next step. I need a teacher to help me with my priorities and to set a study plan.

  • Improving on your tone
  • Advance articulation techniques
  • Understanding rhythms
  • Extending your range
  • Playing faster
  • Tuning


I’ve been playing for many years and I want to break through to the next level.

I don’t seem to be improving. I would like some guidance how to achieve more fluency, dynamics and control with my playing. I am preparing for my next exam and need regular lessons.

  • Preparing for exams or auditions
  • Interpretation and expression
  • Transposing
  • Styles and genres
  • Overcoming nerves and anxiety
  • Choosing a repertoire


I would like to be able improvise and jam with my friends.

I’m looking for a method to study improvisation. I need help with understanding what the chords mean and what scales to use. I would like to develop playing by ear rather than reading music

  • Learn to improvise
  • Memorising tunes
  • Scales and chords
  • Understanding harmony
  • Transcribing
  • Playing by ear


Casey’s Saxophone Jazz Selection.

Casey’s Saxophone Soul Selection.

Casey’s Saxophone Pop/Rock Selection.


For children the Alto is the more manageable size. For Adults, chose buy the sound not the size. The Alto has a higher clearer tone and the Tenor is lower with a richer tone. The Soprano is one of the higher saxophones and is harder to play while the Baritone has the deep Bass note. If you are not sure do some research listening and decide on the tone you prefer. 

No, it’s one of the easier instruments to learn. There are no holes under your fingers like the clarinet. You make the sound with the reed unlike the flute which is just lip control. To play well, though, requires years of dedication.

I like to think in terms of hours played.

  • 2 hours – you will get a tone and learn your first 5 notes
10 hours – you are learning some simple tunes and getting through the first pages of your book.
  • 20 hours – sounding better, getting faster, reaching higher and lower, jamming with friends
  • 50 hours – intermediate level
  • 100+ hours – you will be able to play in ensembles or bands. You will be playing the music you love and music is part of your life.

My youngest student is 7 years old on a curved soprano. Generally, about 10 years old is manageable on the Alto.

An Alto is the best size for a child. If you are an adult then you should decide on which tone you prefer. It’s the tone that will be your voice. The size is a secondary consideration.

Avoid the really cheap saxophones. If you buy from a retail store you should be in safe hands. Around $1,500 AUS will get you a decent beginners instrument. You can buy a used instrument but you should ask a saxophone player to try it out first. If you buy online make sure they have a phone number you can call and a system for returns and repairs.

If you are a beginner a 1.5 or 2.0 is recommended. Because reeds are made from cane, they all vary in response so try a few reeds and pick out your favourite. It’s a good idea to have a closed reed case and rotate daily a few reeds so you avoid becoming too comfortable on one soggy reed.

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