Professional musician, teacher and jamming since 1985.

Drawing on my experience of assisting hundreds of music students in reaching their goals, I begin by asking about your musical preferences, as they mark the starting point of your musical journey.

I am dedicated to helping you attain the desired tone and fluency necessary to play the music you’ve always envisioned, while also addressing stress and blocks.

Through tailored guidance, I’ll demonstrate how to maximize the benefits of your practice time. Your lessons will be enjoyable, laid-back, and purposeful, fostering a productive and relaxed learning environment.

Do you want to learn to play the…


The soulful sound of a saxophone.

Embarking on the journey of learning the saxophone has the potential to be a transformative experience, whether you’re a beginner, restarting your musical journey, guiding your child’s interest, or aiming to advance to the next level.

Regardless of your current proficiency, I can provide coaching tailored to your needs, assisting you in reaching your desired musical milestones and helping you master skills such as improvisation.


The beautiful clear tone of the flute.

Play for friends and family, or become part of a music group or even an orchestra. Whether you’re a complete beginner, restarting your musical journey, guiding your child’s interest, aspiring to progress, or looking to learn improvisation, I can coach you at your current level and help you advance to the next stage in your musical development.


The dark haunting sound of the clarinet.

Experience the richness of low notes and the soaring heights of high notes as you play for friends and family or become part of a music group or orchestra. Whether you’re a complete beginner, restarting your musical journey, nurturing your child’s interest, aiming to progress, or eager to learn improvisation, I can coach you at your current level and guide you toward reaching your next musical milestone.


An orchestra at your fingertips.

The piano, deemed one of the easiest instruments to learn yet one of the hardest to master, serves as a gateway to unraveling the mysteries of music. Whether you’re a complete beginner, resuming your musical journey, guiding your child’s interest, aspiring to progress, or keen on learning improvisation, I can provide coaching tailored to your current level, aiding you in reaching your next level of proficiency.

I can teach…


  • Care of your instrument
  • Producing your first tones
  • How to hold your instrument
  • First five note and finger positions
  • Learning simple tunes
  • Reading music


  • Reaching the next level
  • Choosing your repertoire
  • Getting out of that rut
  • First 5 notes and finger positions
  • Exam preparation
  • Understanding chords


  • Preparing for exams
  • Preparing for University auditions
  • Preparing for a career in music
  • Tips on multi-instrument playing
  • Jazz chord progressions
  • Composition / Transcriptions

You will learn…


Create the best sound with ease.


The tongue is an expressive tool.


Learning fluency and speed.


Rhythm, notes and expression.


Establish your inner pulse.


It just takes listening & practice.


How to tell if I’m in tune.


Less stress creates better music.


Yes – what you need is information and direction. You will need good internet connection and a laptop or tablet. Using a phone is not recommended. I can tell, mainly by listening to you play, if there needs to be any adjustments and corrections. The lessons will be the same as person to person except you will at home. The only thing we can’t do is play together, so to overcome this, I get my students to play along with backing tracks or my recordings.

No. What you need is a computer or laptop and reliable internet connection. The inbuilt camera and microphone these days are pretty amazing quality. A Bluetooth speaker can be handy as well. I do not recommend using a phone as the screen is too small.

Please contact me and I will help. New or used instruments from a retail shop are usually reliable and offer a warrantee. Buying new or used on-line is risky as you have limited backup. I would avoid cheap instruments.

Narooma, NSW, Australia.

  • 30 min – $40AUS
  • 45 min – $60AUS
  • 60 min – $80AUS

Progress depends on “flying hours”

  • 30 min – getting the sound and the first 5 notes (during the lesson)
  • 2 hours – playing simple tunes, completing the first page or two of your book
  • 10 hours – now you are getting comfortable and entertaining the cat, you are getting through the book and adding to your repertoire
  • 20 hours plus. You are hooked and there is no turning back. Practicing your instrument is a happy routine and you look forward to practicing.

Yes you can but it will just lead to frustration. To succeed you have to make the commitment to practice. Look at your calendar and find those 30-minute time slots where you can fit in your practice. I suggest a minimum of 2 hours per week will get you going.

You don’t have to learn to read music. I like to adapt my lessons towards my student’s motivation. If you want to learn by ear, I am happy to devise a study routine that will cover all aspects of learning your instrument, except of course reading.

Let’s get started

Contact me now so we can get you playing. Your journey starts with this single step.